Mabuhay! 👋 I'm Tin

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To do

  • 🌱 Currently learning: JavaScript and PHP, and some Bootstrap

  • 🥅 2020 Goals: Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP from beginner to advance

  • Fun facts: I love to eat, sleep, read stuffs, listen to music, draw, watch informative videos, learn and do new stuffs

About me

I'm Maria Kristina Salada a.k.a Tin. I'm 21 and lives at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I am an Information Technology student and an aspiring web developer.

According to, I have an INFJ personality type. I know, I am unique 🤣 Life quotes and Bible verses inspires me a lot. I am also a minimalist, and Baybayin, Tagbanwa and other ancient pre-Philippine scripts enthusiast.

I am a Christian. Sometimes, I blog, read books and write poems.

About this website

📌 To be able to create this website, I used Google sites, drive and console, and free domain offered by Freenom. Thanks to the tutorials on YouTube 🤣

I am a web developer not a designer so there's nothing wrong with using some website builder. I've already tried some but there's lots of ads so I decided to just use Google sites since I have nothing to offer yet. This website is just for my profile and blogs.

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